The holotransceiver bathes the room in blue light, illuminating the sole occupant of the room. The speaker is a monochrome blue-hued spectre, form warped by the space-time distortion of extreme range comms.

"The Emperor is dead, as is Lord Vader and the Grand Moff. Pestage ascended as befit his position, but he has been overthrown. The Empire lies fractured, and the rebels are taking worlds both in Outer and Core. A sizeable alliance of Moffs and admirals have broken off, creating a metastase government. Sadly, they have more coherency than us at present. Our armed forces are finally regrouping after one of the more sensible admirals stepped up and took command, but we lack executive direction." The officer relays the sorry state of affairs with an impassive voice, knowing his former CO's preference for professionalism.

"That is unfortunate, but I am on a mission. Nothing you have told me changes my mission parameters of warrants a recall."

"I, yes, Grand Admiral. Very well. However, there is another matter. It seems contingency protocol 'Immortality' has been set in motion. Specifics require canted circle-level clearance, which I believe you have. Is this something we should react to?"

"That protocol was supposed to be scrapped years ago. Cloning techonolgy is far too unbalanced, and without kaminoan tech it is not viable. I understand the reason for activating it, but even the Fett template required extensive modifciation to counteract neural degeneration. Good work bringing this to my attention, Major. We will cancel the protocol through back-channel comms and blind agents. I will have a mission briefing ready in 48 standard hours. Chimaera Actual out."

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