Meanwhile, in the Hapes Cluster

Money, she thought as she was making her way towards the Emperor. I require money. Most sentients regarded the aquisition of credits as the main focal point of their lives, not she. Wealth had no value in itself; it was a means to and end; a tool. Her previous fortune had been spent, and her previous patron was long dead. And I know how to get it.

Plastiod-armored guards, dark-robed servants and darker-eyed councillors watched her suspiciously as she knelt before the Emperor. Everything was different, yet everything was the same. The guardsmen wore black, not red. The Emperor was young and looked deceptively strong, instead of being strong and looking deceptively frail and old. He was not human, not quite. Some things changed. Everything stayed the same. This one has the Gift as well. And this one fears the Others as much as the last one. Good. She made her case.

"And why should I lend my support?" The new emperor was suspicious, as she knew he would be. "What do you offer the Reborn Empire in return for my patronage?" A means to an end, she reminded herself. And removal of a relic of the past. "As you are sure to know, the Jedi Order has been re-established." The reaction of the man opposite her made her certain she had hit her mark. "They claim to be apolitical, but you know as well as I that they will soon enough pledge their cause to the Republic, and then you are doomed." She waited, allowing the truth of the statement to take root. "I can destroy the New Jedi Order for you." The Emperors smile was wolfish, the gleam in his purple eyes malignant. He would be useful for a while, until he had to be cast aside. Erase the past, save the future.

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